About Finding Next

Our Mission

Realizing and devoting ourselves to the full potential of every human being globally — serving as a best-in-class fact based resource directory, to provide universal information about programs, schools, research, services and educators who display integrity and innovative resources - and to share easy to understand knowledge while sharing stories, and inspiring.

Our Vision

Our vision is to advocate for and support those who are are inspired to see a world of healthy families. 



At Finding Next (MyNextSearch.com), we believe there is a better way to connect families and individuals with programs, research, schools, and services. Your search starts here. 

In 2004 Dr. Doré E. Frances, PhD started the second online website with information about the wide variety of programs and schools available for assisting troubled teens and young adults. She has never suggested one program, school or service over another for the purpose of financial gain, nor will Finding Next ever steer a family or professional toward one particular program, school or service. 

With the celebration of 15 years and gratitude for the quality of growth, the underlying note to our new changes is about stability. 

While programs, research, schools and services continue to change, we have changed with them. 

Dore's background includes an array of experience expanding 20+ years in advocacy, coaching, educational and therapeutic consulting, marketing, networking and public relations.

Doré had a front row seat of the demand by families, individuals and professionals as an advocate and educational consultant. 

With over 20 years of experience in the Residential Treatment Center, Therapeutic Boarding School, and Wilderness Therapy industry, Doré has seen some of the best programs in the country and internationally, as well as some of the worst.

She has seen programs with best in class academics, top trained clinicians, great programming philosophies, strong leadership, and well-organized staff, as well as programs with horrible academic options, clinicians who do not engage in new trainings, disorganized staff, not-so-great programming methods, and terrible leadership. 

In her efforts to find the best Addiction Treatment Centers, Clinical Assessment Centers, College Prep Boarding Schools, Educational Consultants, Education for Children and Young Adults, In-Home Services, International Schools, Interventionists, Personal Growth and Fulfillment options, Residential Treatment Centers, Substance Abuse Prevention options, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Young Adult Transitional options and Wilderness Therapy Programs for families and professionals, she has developed a "Vetting Process" which helps guide her and the volunteer board in selecting the product offerings, programs, schools and services we are willing to suggest to parents and professionals. 

The world has changed, families have changed, and what children, adolescents, teens, and young adults need has changed.

The age of some of the youngest clients needing services is 6 years of age and older adults, into their 40's are searching for assistance. Finding Next is providing a number of different options for all ages in order to provide a brighter future. The task of building such a site is complex as all programs, schools and services are vetted.  

The stakes are high when making recommendations that may turn a life around. There are many different services now that contribute to a strong and sustainable way to help an individual. Looking at the broader picture is necessary. Professional advice in the development of a plan may involve several services.

Finding Next (MyNextSearch.com) prides itself on providing a multitude of options to families, parents, individuals and networking professionals. 

Doré has always been interested in attracting the very best programs, schools and services that offer verified value and with our broader efforts in full swing, rather than rebranding, a new site was needed. 

We have several Phases to this site which include article / content growth / research from around the globe, employment listings, marketing / networking management of all vetted advertisers, mapping of locations, social media growth, in addition to … well … Stay connected and you will see for yourself. 

Families and individuals need accurate information and we plan to expand in ways that will bring that to their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 

We continue to push for transparency and a clear understanding of needs in an otherwise complex world of boarding schools, clinical, education, family needs, legal, medical, GAP programs, older adult options, various types of programs, health care, special needs services, residential treatment needs, wilderness therapeutic programs, young adults  …. And so much more.

Finding Next (MyNextSearch.com) has incorporated charity into our business.

We donate 7% of our income to the charitable organizations listed below. We see this as our small way of doing good in the world. 

We strive for goodwill, integrity, openness and trust in all our connections. 

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Dr. Doré E. Frances, PhD, Founder of Finding Next (MyNextSearch.com), was born and raised in California and currently lives in Colorado.

She serves on the Board of Directors for Golden Healer Service Dogs, from which she obtained her service dog, Aspen. 

Doré has quite a story for those that know her personally. The charities donated to are a part of her life story. 

She has traveled all across the United States and has enjoyed international travel to Canada, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, England  Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, and The Bahamas.

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