Kaizen Academy

Bringing teens boys from self-destruction to self-esteem

Kaizen Academy is the culmination of decades-long evolution, coupled with the profound desire to lead the industry in helping adolescent boys who are struggling with sexual behavior problems.

Kaizen – from our name, to our everyday practice – is about getting better. And getting better fosters hope and healing.

The word “Kaizen” (pronounced Kī – Zen) is a Japanese contraction (kai = change + zen = good) that simply means “change for the better.” In the 1980s, kaizen became known as the practice of “continuous improvement,” primarily in the automotive and manufacturing industries, and made its way into management concepts. It was introduced to the West in 1986 by Masaaki Imai in his book, Kaizen:

The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success.

With our desire to be the foremost leader in working with boys struggling with sexual behavior problems, the concept of Kaizen is directly related to one of our company’s core values – growth – and is in-line with our hope for every young man we work with: to change for the better.

To us, our name is a constant reminder of our charge for continuous improvement.

Our vision to lead the way required a shift – a movement from “what has always been done” to embracing and implementing research-based approaches that are better-suited for our unique clientele.

We recognize that while each of our young men struggles with some form of sexual behavior challenge, they battle them in their own individual ways.

As we combine an individualized approach, with research-supported clinical sophistication, built upon attachment-informed programming and experiential learning, we are living Kaizen.

Offering Type

Residential Treatment Center

Primary Specialty
Inappropriate Sexual Behavior
Other areas of specialization
ADD / ADHD, Adopted Adolescents, Anxiety Disorder
Ages Accepted
Teen (13-17)
Max Enrollment : 16
Avg. length of stay : 12 Months
Insurance accepted? : No
College Prep Available? : No
Non-profit? : No
Financial Aid/Scholarships : No

Professional Affiliations

AdvancED (formally Northwest Association of Schools)