Aspiro Wilderness Adventure Therapy

Healing Teens and Young Adults through Wilderness Therapy

Aspiro is the pioneer of Wilderness Adventure Therapy offering safe, effective, and clinically sophisticated short-term intermediate treatment options for adolescents and young adults:

  • Aspiro Adolescents (13 – 17)
    • Adolescents male and female
    • Single gender groups
  • Dual diagnosis Vantage Point (13 – 17, 18 – 25)
    • Adolescents and Adults
    • Single Gender & Co-ed groups
    • Highly specialized and specific treatment for very complex and “quirky” students with significant anxiety, neurodevelopmental, social, learning and processing issues
  • Aspiro Young Adult (18 – 25)
    • Co-ed groups
    • Dual diagnosis, substance abuse
    • Failure to launch

Due to the wide range of children and young adults we work with, care is taken to ensure each participant is placed in the best group possible. The methods, goals, and objectives are uniquely tailored based on the individual's needs in the group and their similar struggles.

With the help of the therapeutic field guides, our therapists are able to drive the direction and success of the group to maximize clinical effectiveness. While therapy is based on science, it is most effective when paired with heart, compassion, and empathy. Yes, our team is comprised of some of the smartest in their field, but they are also masters of compassion and relationship building.

To summarize, here is a direct testimony from one of our parents: “During this difficult time in trying to help my son, I never felt that anyone ‘got it’ until I met [our therapist] and his staff. They truly have a genuine caring for their students and [their] success.”

Additional keywords : ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder); Asperger; Aspergers

Offering Type

Wilderness Adventure Therapy

Primary Specialty
Other areas of specialization
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Ages Accepted
Teen (13-17)
Younger Adult (18-29)
Male, Female, LGBTQ+
Max Enrollment : 95 Students
Avg. length of stay : 10 weeks
Insurance accepted? : No
College Prep Available? : No
Non-profit? : No
Financial Aid/Scholarships : Yes

Professional Affiliations

AdvancED (formally Northwest Association of Schools), AEE, NATSAP, OBH Council