Find Educational Consultants in Your Area

A qualified educational consultant, which may also be called a certified education planner, is a person that helps a family make plans and decisions regarding their children's clinical and / or educational path. Consultants are professionals that charge a fee for their services. They do not receive any compensation from programs or schools. Fees for educational consultants vary, depending on the level of services requested and the consultant in question. Please contact consultants in our directory for more specific details.

The task of a qualified educational consultant includes finding a program or school for the child where they will perfectly fit. And as consultants always say, they do not guarantee placement so they always suggest more than one alternative option. 

As costs rise for education and treatment, getting into the right boarding school, college or treatment setting is becoming more and more difficult for families. These circumstances help explain why a growing number of families are turning to educational consultants to help guide them through the application process and search for what they need. Educational consultants are professionals who facilitate a student's clinical needs and education in a variety of ways. 

These specialists offer guidance to students and families through various phases of a student's academic career, often concentrating in specific areas of a student's education. This work can involve helping students apply to private high schools, assisting students with learning differences, or working with at-risk youth. 

Educational consultants are also sought after when it comes time for a student to develop a list of potential schools and apply to college. When your family is considering an educational consultant, check out our list of the best vetted Educational and Therapeutic Consultants assisting children, adolescents, teens and young adults. This offering was designed to assist you in locating an Educational Consultant in your area. We've included names and contact information of educational consultants near you, to help you in your search for a qualified Independent Educational Consultant. 

Families who approach consultants with a pre-set list of programs or schools where their child or young adult “must get accepted“ (and expect the consultant to simply “get them in“) are unnecessarily doing themselves a disservice. 

Consultants can often offer a much broader perspective of what programs or schools are appropriate for a student. Both family and student can only be better off by being open to the consultant’s advice.

Our directory lists educational consultants that offer placement services in college-preparatory private schools, special-needs programs and schools, addiction treatment centers, clinical need assessment centers, eating disorder programs, colleges and schools for those with learning challenges, military schools, and wilderness therapy programs for children, teens and young adults. 

The process for finding the right college, program, or school, for your child or young adult is one of the most important emotional and financial decisions your family will make.