Having cancer turned out to be a surprising blessing!

During my recent travels to visit programs, schools and services, I had the opportunity to share my vision for Finding Next and my cancer story with someone who asked why I felt cancer was a blessing.

Surviving advanced melanoma gave me a new attitude about life - brought me to my knees more than once - created shared visions for my future - and the passion to pursue a fulfilling second career as an independent educational and therapeutic consultant for 20 years. 

When Children Need Therapy

When children need therapyAdolescents have many of the same mental health issues as adults and may also need counseling.

Adults like to think of childhood as a carefree time full of enjoyment and play.

However, that is not true for all kids. Children are susceptible to the same emotional health issues and mood disorders that plague adults. 

Steps in the Special Education Process

Steps in the Special Education ProcessThe special education process under IDEA is designed to ensure that each individual child's needs are carefully considered and addressed. Learn the steps in the special education process, from evaluation to reviewing student progress.

How Do I Know It’s Time for An Intervention?

It’s difficult to know when there’s the need for an intervention. 

Many believe that they can simply talk to the addict in question and lay their emotions out on the table, and then everything will change in their loved one’s mind. 

Find Educational Consultants in Your Area

A qualified educational consultant, which may also be called a certified education planner, is a person that helps a family make plans and decisions regarding their children's clinical and / or educational path. Consultants are professionals that charge a fee for their services. They do not receive any compensation from programs or schools. Fees for educational consultants vary, depending on the level of services requested and the consultant in question. Please contact consultants in our directory for more specific details.

Pacia Life Young Adult Opportunities

Aspen and I were able to visit Pacia Life while in Utah last month.

Aspen met a new friend - Alta - who belongs to Lara and Randy Oakley. 

Pacia Life currently offers six full-service locations and two step down locations. 

Elements Wilderness Program Staff Visit Boulder, Colorado

Elements Wilderness Staff Lynn Smith, LCSW, Director of Family Services and co-founder, Neal Christensen, PhD, Clinical Director and co-owner and Porter Macey, PhD, Family Therapist drove to Boulder, Colorado and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Zolo's Grill, with founder of Finding Next, Doré Frances, PhD, and her service dog Aspen.<

First in a Series. Learn More.

I see story opportunities everywhere. Aspen (my service dog) and I will will be traveling to meet those on the Finding Next site. There are many stories to share. We will also be meeting with all of our volunteer board. They too have stories to share and can let you all know how they came to support

From cave drawings and spoken stories to written novels and Technicolor films, storytelling has evolved along with us.