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Serving as a best-in-class fact based marketing and resource directory, to provide universal information about programs, schools, research, services and education who display integrity and innovative resources. Our vision is to advocate and market for and support those who are are inspired to see a world of healthy families. 

Finding Next ( is the only online advertising and marketing community of programs, schools and services serving both the United States and global communities who are fully vetted. 

  • Badge - Receive a Best In Class verified badge to use on your website and/or marketing materials
  • Content - Articles from advertisers and posts from professionals who are a part of the site
  • Handbook - An amazing handbook created by our team is provided to each advertiser to assist in setting up their page with step by step instructions and screen shots
  • Social Networking - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Sponsored posts and tweets highlighting all advertisers go out daily on a rotating basis
  • Target Audience - Families of children and young adults, older adults, Professionals seeking resources, Programs, Schools and Services seeking cross marketing and networking opportunities
  • Testimonials - On site. Please let us know when you would like to provide a testimonial
  • Website Traffic - All United States and international advertisers of programs, schools, and services on our site will be able to check their own traffic stats at their convenience anytime. No more waiting for numbers that may or may not be verifiable. 

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