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Healing Teens and Young Adults through Wilderness Therapy

Teen (13-17), Younger Adult (18-29)
ADD / ADHD, Addictions, Adopted Adolescents
United States

Bringing teens boys from self-destruction to self-esteem

Teen (13-17)
Inappropriate Sexual Behavior
Spanish Fork, 
United States

An experience that’s all about adolescent boys and the families who love them

Teen (13-17), Younger Adult (18-29)
ADD / ADHD, Adopted Adolescents
United States

Structured Family Intervention - Addictions

Teen (13-17), Younger Adult (18-29), Older Adult (30 and Over)
Addictions, International Services, Interventions

A co-educational therapeutic boarding and day school

Teen (13-17), Younger Adult (18-29)
Autism Spectrum Disorder
United States

Residential Treatment for Teen Girls with Attachment Disorder

Pre-Teen (5-12), Teen (13-17)
Adopted Adolescents, Adoption / Attachment
Cedar City, 
United States

Creating Life Changes With the Tatori Method

Teen (13-17), Younger Adult (18-29), Older Adult (30 and Over)
Young Adult Transitional Living

Transforming Lives for 15 Years

Teen (13-17)
ADD / ADHD, Anxiety Disorder
United States

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  • We have twin boys with developmental difficulties. We searched the internet and all we found were pre-packaged solutions. This was very confusing. The information we saw online and the information we received on phone calls were conflicting. We needed a professional site we could trust. No wonder parents get confused with all the mass advertising online. A lot of the information here worked for us. A big comfort was that all programs are vetted before being recommended. We were then able to take charge of making decisions with confidence.

    Jimmy and Joanna G., New Jersey.
  • As a parent of a young adult I was confused and vulnerable when It came to finding help. I needed helpful information I could trust. I like that each opportunity for young adults is vetted. My son and I came through the decision making process together.

    Kimberly & Robert B., New Jersey
  • We have been collaborating online for the last two years. Networking with other professionals has been very beneficial. It’s exciting to see the international connections as we work all over the global world.

    Robert Trout, M.A.
  • I am the Founder of Kaizen RTC. Knowing that all programs and schools are vetted lessens the concerns for those searching for assistance for their adolescents. 

    C. Lynn Loftin, MS, LPC, Utah
  • No one knows their child better than the parents. We needed valuable knowledge from professionals we could trust. We spent hours searching the internet for a specialized program. We see here that they do a lot of research themselves before accepting anyone on their site. We found them to be a professional and valuable resource. We used them three times for a specialized residential school, a therapeutic wilderness program and a college prep boarding school.  We recommend them often to others searching for services. 

    Erin & Jared Hale, Texas.
  • As parents we were searching for a wilderness program for our son. Here we were comfortable viewing vetted programs so we could find an appropriate placement in the middle of our crisis.

    Michelle & Robert A., Arizona
  • Testimonial for finding next

    One of the most difficult decisions we made as parents was to place our son in a residential school. During this difficult decision we were able to research vetted resources that we knew we could trust.

    Gary & Stacia A., Colorado.

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Having cancer turned out to be a surprising blessing!

During my recent travels to visit programs, schools and services, I had the opportunity to share my vision for Finding Next and my cancer story with someone who asked why I felt cancer was a blessing.

Surviving advanced melanoma gave me a new attitude about life - brought me to my knees more than once - created shared visions for my future - and the passion to pursue a fulfilling second career as an independent educational and therapeutic consultant for 20 years. 

When Children Need Therapy

When children need therapyAdolescents have many of the same mental health issues as adults and may also need counseling.

Adults like to think of childhood as a carefree time full of enjoyment and play.

However, that is not true for all kids. Children are susceptible to the same emotional health issues and mood disorders that plague adults.